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Work Overview

Satellite Radio: 2001-2009

Top supplier of chip sets to Sirius Satellite Radio in total volume since inception.

  • Systems Design and Systems Simulations
  • Novel Architectures
  • Complete Chipset solution
  • Applications Engineering support
  • Business development
  • P&L leader
  • RFIC Product
  • ASIC and ASSP design
  • Analog IC products
  • >25 Million chipsets in the field

Chip set found in following products:

  • Sony
  • Kenwood
  • JVC
  • Jensen
  • Audiovox
  • Clarion
  • Fujitsu Ten
  • Sirius Branded
  • Panasonic
  • Delphi Auto
  • Visteon Auto
  • Melco
  • Toko
  • Wistron

Digital Video Terminals: 1982-1985

  • Video Conferencing System for Telco
  • Digital Design, Systems design

Satellite Broadcasting Systems Engineering

  • Radio and TV Broadcast Systems
  • Satellite Distribution
  • Two of the three networks signed up for the service
  • First Digital Radio Satellite Demo worldwide

Cordless Telephones and Cellular Wireless Handsets: 1985-1999

  • Architecture
  • Systems Engineering
  • Physical Design (mold design)
  • RF Design
  • Product Line Feature definition
  • 900 MHz Digital products
  • Advanged Digital products (frequency Hopping)
  • Mass Production (two to five million per year product line)
  • Consumer Electronics manufacturing
  • Design for Cost, Quality, Performance

SyChip Startup: 1999-2001

Chipscale integration of systems solution, and technology partnership.

  • System on a module
  • RF Passives
  • Packaging solutions
  • Software value added complete module solutions
  • Lucent Spinoff, funded by Lucent, Pequot, Genesis Park, Global Strategic Investment, the Intel Communications Fund, Markpoint Venture Partners, Masthead, and TechQuest

WiFi Video (one year - Concurrent project)
Concurrent with Satellite Radio

Auxilliary team effort and complementary to satellite radio business strategy.

  • WiFi transport of audio and video signals in the home
  • HD audio strearming, cable replacement
  • Proprietary IP, Patents
  • Protocol design for QOS and low jitter
  • FPGA demo implementation
  • Business development
  • Audio Synchronizaiton scheme

Printing and Imaging Chips (6 months)
Concurrent with Satellite Radio

  • Business model definition
  • Early stage business development
  • Customer presentations
  • Focused on printer fax market
  • Two customer wins within two months
  • One product fielded in customer device