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Consumer Products

Sportster unit

The sporster sold in millions, and included the third generation chipsets.


A typical downlink processor unit.


A Black version of the Starmate would eventually use the dual receiver function of the chipset to support the a la carte programming feature imposed by the FCC on Sirius and XM as a condition of the merger.

It is unclear how compliant the company has been with the FCC. It has nott complied with FCC rules in the past (e.g. FM modulators,, and price hikes). See this article on the merger.



This Kenwood unit, early version of a dashboard receiver, was in the 2003 crutchfield catalog. Sirius woud later brand their own and build their own distribution network instead of relying on partnerships. The


Attempts at the home receiver markets continued throughout the life of the business. I think this was more of a "must have" play for the sake of complete market coverage, than an actual valued segment. The receivers were not sold in large quantity, and today, internet delivery is a lower cost alternative.