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Engineering Management, General Management, Satellite Radio, Wireless, Satellite, Integrated Circuits, Systems on Chip, RFIC, SDARS, SiGe, Semiconductors, P&L, Business Leadership, General Management, Applications Engineering, Operations.

jim thorpe

Welcome to my Website.

In my professional life, I offer the following background:

  • An innovative and experienced business and engineering executive with electrical/electronics engineering background. 
  • An experienced manager with ten years as Director, Senior Director, or VP of Engineering positions. 
  • A general manager of business revenues of $30,000,000 to $70,000,000, with profitable results. 
  • Utilizes highly developed technical, business, and management skills to deliver lucrative technical products. 
  • A proven hands on Engineering leader for small or medium sized organizations ( $5M-$20M annual budget)
  • Responsibility of up to $68M yearly

  • Focus Areas

  • Technical leadership for R&D teams of 20 to 100+ engineers
  • Wireless and Semiconductor implementations of wireless systems
  • RFIC design management
  • SOIC product development
  • Terminals development and applications engineering support
  • Multifunctional team leadership across continents.
  • Undisclosed two digit quantity of millions of chips deployed.
  • Consumer products R&D - 25 Million units in field
  • Architecture and roadmaps for systems and SOC
  • Multiproject, multidisciplinary development efforts
  • Product and project management
  • Strategic decision making and evaluation of emerging markets
  • Successful spinoff of a startup, from a major company
  • Intellectual Property acquisition and sale

  • Learn more in this website, and comments can be submitted through the "contact me" links